Lori Meadows
Welcome to Greenz~With~Envy 

This is the official site of Lori Meadows. This website is dedicated to providing reliable information on the benefits of eating healthy, and incorporating leafy greens with fruit into your daily diet. 

Nourishing your body in a healthy way is the only way to aid your digestive system in performing at an optimal level. 

Just by introducing your body to a green smoothie drink each day can dramatically reverse the effects of old age, disease and many other common illnesses. 

My vision for the world is that we all have enough time to enjoy life. Celebrate our differences, and use our variety of skills to contribute to  own growth as well as the growth of others both personally and professionally. 

Greenz With Envy was therefore created with the intention of sharing a wealth of information I have explored and experimented with personally. I am a voracious reader and love sharing all I learn with those who are interested in expanding their growth. When you begin to make drinking a green smoothie part of your daily habit your whole being becomes one that others are so envious of. You are full of beauty in your body, mind and soul. Other will ask what it is you do to make yourself so youthful and radiant. They become intrigued and can't help but be Green With Envy.